D5 - New technologies to enable better care

Auditorium 3

Organised by the FIP Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section in collaboration with FIP’s Community Pharmacy Section & Other


Wendy Walker, Australian Defence Force, Australia and Steve Shaddock, Health Materiel Logistics and Pharmacy, Defence Health Service, Australia


This session will focus on enhanced technology to manage health information and to maintain agility across the supply chain in the military and emergency pharmacy. In the rapidly advancing technology realm and global environment of frequent man-made or natural disasters, it is important to share latest innovations in pharmacy practice in such a forum. This will enable pharmacists to provide optimum care to meet the needs of their patients, regardless of their practice site.


  1. Enabling health service delivery: The importance of data collection and monitoring in humanitarian health programming
    Daniel Forrister, Contractor for US Agency for International Development, USA
  2. Data aggregation and visualisation platform to map health systems
    Michael Nunan, Monash University, Australia
  3. Supply chain assessment of pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh in preparation for a refugee relief initiative
    Dato’ Halim Basari, Malaysian Armed Forces, Malaysia
  4. Data use and technology in development and humanitarian supply chain management
    Laila Akhlaghi, John Snow, Inc., USA
  5. A global electronic health record across the continuum of care 
    Angelica Klinski, US Navy, USA

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. To describe technology solutions to enhance better health care
  2. To explain the impact of new supply chain technologies to supply chain
  3. To explain the effectiveness of traditional and technology based operations
  4. To categorise lessons learned from successful and failed operation scenarios

Type of session: Knowledge-based