A5 - FIP’s Workforce Transformation Programme: Advancing the pharmacy workforce one country at a time

Madrid 2

Organised by FIPEd in collaboration with IPSF & YPG & Other


Lina Bader, FIPEd, Netherlands and Samira Goussous, Jordan Pharmacists Association, Jordan


The FIP Workforce Transformation Programme (WTP) is a global programme being introduced by FIP to support Member Organisations (MOs) & nations to lead the transformation of their national workforces. The aim of the programme is to progress the FIP workforce roadmap, particularly the Global Vision for Education and Workforce and the Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals (PWDGs), around the world by providing strategic support to countries to develop needs-based, national workforce development strategies, plans and actions.


  1. FIP Presidential Address – Strengthened partnerships with our MOs: Key to successful programme implementation
    Dominique Jordan, FIP, Switzerland
  2. Introduction to the Workforce Transformation Programme (WTP)
  3. Country presentations: How we’re transforming our national workforces with FIP
  4. Evidence for impact in LMICs – Gearing up to pharmaceutical workforce to tackle ‘homegrown’ problems
  5. Panel discussion & workshop: Mechanisms for sustainable and successful implementation and action to maximise workforce impact
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Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the FIP Workforce Transformation Programme
  2. Identify the drivers for successful implementation and leadership
  3. Discuss how partnerships with FIP can lead to transformative change
  4. Explain different ways in which acts of leadership have resulted in transformation in countries and communities
  5. List examples of actionable items to implement in their community

Type of session: Application-based