G2 - 11th AIM Global Academic Leaders Forum (GALF) Day 2

FIP Academic Institutional Membership (AIM)


Developing and sustaining a culture of innovation (continued)

09:00 – 09:45 A culture of innovation, 20 years of experience in Utrecht

Andries Koster and Aukje Mantel, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

09:45 – 10:30 PharmApprentice – A new curriculum advancement allowing Wits Pharmacy students to be at the edge of pharmaceutical innovation and entrepreneurship

Yahya Choonara, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

10:30 – 10:40 Coffee/tea break and poster viewing

World Café


A World Café provides an opportunity through small group roundtable discussions for GALF attendees to address issues that have critical importance to them.  This approach offers more in-depth exploration, detailed discussion, problem-solving and critical thinking about challenges and possibilities in academic pharmacy than can be derived from presentations followed by Q&A.  Attendees move from one topic to another at fixed intervals, allowing all attendees to engage in each topic area, learn from others, provide their insights into the challenges faced by academic leaders and form connections with colleagues for continued collaborations after the congress.  The topics selected for the 2020 World Café were taken from the many ideas expressed in the 2019 GALF survey and consolidated into four broad areas. A fifth topic area is reserved for feedback on what AIM schools’ leadership would like to have addressed in future GALF meetings. There will be parallel posterviewing at the “Poster café”, that will allow attendees to share difficulties, needs, opportunities and innovations in their academic pharmacy programmes with other AIM schools to foster closer relations among AIM schools and develop possible collaborations and partnerships.

10:40 – 11:00 Introduction by session chairs

Ralph Altiere, AIM Advisory Committee/University of Colorado, USA, Toyin Tofade, AIM Advisory Committee /Howard University, USA, Abla Albsoul, AIM Advisory Committee/University of Jordan, Jordan

11:00 – 11:40 Roundtable discussions 1

How can AIM/GALF help bridge the gaps between high-income, middle-income and low-income countries?

11:55 – 12:00 Room refresh

12:00 – 13:00 Networking Lunch and poster viewing

13:00 – 13:10 Reconvene for World Café

13:10 – 13:50 Roundtable discussions 2

Practical Leadership I: Teams, strategy, business model case studies

13:50 – 14:30 Roundtable discussions 3

Practical Leadership II: Faculty focused case studies

14:30 – 15:10 Roundtable discussions 4

Education tools & methods & innovations: Strategies for today and the future

15:10 – 15:50 Roundtable discussions 5

Recommendations for future GALF programmes

Coffee/tea break: 15:50 -16:10 and poster viewing

16:10 – 17:00 Group reports and recommendations

17:00 – 17:30 General discussion, wrap-up and conclusions, poster viewing cont’d

GALF Programme DAY 1

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Develop strategies to help bridge the gaps between high-income, middle-income and low-income countries in providing academic programmes to meet current and future societal needs
  2. Discuss practical leadership skills to address common challenges
  3. List innovative ways to address leadership issues from colleagues around the world
  4. Develop collaborations or partnerships with other AIM schools to advance pharmacy education

Type of session: Knowledge-based